Tune Up

Owning a car is a responsibility. Tune Up is a vehicle management app that helps you to control and manage the condition of your car. To ensure your car runs smoothly and performs well.

My Role

Ideation, Research, Branding, UI design


2 days


Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop

Clickable Prototype

Goal for this project

  1. Indicate oil level, find out last oil change and filter status
  2. Able to show fluids level and other information
  3. Branding and visual design exploration


  1. Partner up with automobile manufacturers to create a program that will connect with the users’ car and share information in real-time
  2. Create a car maintenance checklist and alert function to help the users understand the different parts of the car maintenance and which part that need to fix
  3. Provide solutions and guidance to help the users solve problems

Target Audience

In America, most of the people owns a car, so this app actually has a big market here. A car owner who does not have a lot of knowledge about cars; who are busy, always forgot when to do car maintenance; who wants to know about the condition of the car; who always want to take good care of their car. This app helps them to know more about their car's condition and fix their problems.


I have looked up some similar app and tried to find out what information needs to be included and what is their advantage or disadvantage. I found that most of the app nowadays need to enter information from the user. It is inconvenient and it’s easy to lost track.

Pain Point from the existing app

  1. Information needs to enter manually
  2. User is not able to view the latest car information

Low -Fidelity wireframes

After the site map, I started to do some low-fidelity wireframes to see if my thought working out or not. This concept I explored focused on getting the users to connect with their cars’ system without entering any information manually, allowing them to understand the different parts of the car and noticing if there are issues with the car.


When I started thinking of the name, I started with a brunch of words that related to the industry and people's first impression about the brand. Then I found the word “tune-up” and I looked it up. “A car tune-up is a type of preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle to ensure it continues to perform well”  Which I found meaningful, so that’s why I call it tune-up.About the art direction, I have a few words that I really want to show in my design. Which is knowledgeable, smart, reliable, and secure. I started with The T and combined it with the wheel so that it looks like a starter button. It feels like there’s a meaning with Tune-up, you can start your car smoothly. That’s why I have 2 colors on the logo so that it’s like a T plunging into the circle then it glows as the car starts.Blue is often seen as a sign of security. While green means everything is within normal limit and good to go, I purposely picked a brighter green color to give an innovative impression. Purple is an accent color to make it fun. The font choices are geometric, clean, modern, and precise.

High-Fidelity Design

The interface is designed to tie up to the branding. Also Keep it clean and easy to navigate.

On boarding process & Connect to the Car

Once the user creates a new account, they scan the QR code to connect with their car and share the information simultaneously. It will save their car in their garage.

Dashboard & View oil level

The user will be able to see their car information such as the next service date, last service date, fuel level or if the car has problems, it will show an alert on the dashboard. For example, the engine oil level is low, the user can either click the alert pop-up or go on the checklist on the button menu, then you will see different categories of maintenance. With engine oil it’s under fluids and filters, the app will have the alert icon next to it, click on it and it will tell you it’s at a low level and it will show the user what kind of engine to use, tutorials or schedule maintenance thought the app.

Clickable Prototype