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A story of me meeting creative

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to the US when I was 17 years old. Growing up, math and I never got along but only art classes caught my attention. I love art, drawing, creating things that are visually appealing. I started to design wedding dresses when I was 5 years old and I still have those drawings until now, I thought I will become a fashion designer in the future. However, the more I exposed myself to this field, I figured that sewing is not what I like. I feel like the fashion industry is too fast and not sustainable to the environment.

“I want to be a designer that helps people to create a better life and create something that has functions and values.”

In 2014, I was invited to a Graphic Design show. I was impressed with their work that everything was beautiful, while being able to communicate effectively with the audience by their use of colors and fonts. This is how I met Graphic Design, and I decided to enter the B.F.A program in Long Beach State University to continue with this journey. I was able to explore different areas in the program, including photography, advertising, packaging design, branding, etc. The first time I was introduced to UIUX was during my B.F.A classes. It was interesting but I was not quite sure how it works in real life, however I do think that the problem-solving part was satisfying. I am always impressed by those new technologies in graphic design that may bring this industry to another level. I enjoy identifying what the problems are and creating a solution regarding it.

After graduating, I was working in a health product company, I learned lots of things from print to digital, marketing, creating brand stories and working with developers. I learned that a good design is not only pretty, but it will help to create a better brand story, corporate well within both business and customers side. I realized that I accomplished most of my projects by talking to the clients (my boss), identifying what the needs are, who are the audiences, what messages are we trying to communicate with the customers, what problems are we trying to solve, etc.

I decided to enroll in the Bloc's UX Design Apprenticeship program which I was mentored by a senior UX designer. Through the program and guidance, I learned what it meant to be a problem solver and how to refocus the different skills and talents I had previously accrued over the years into a process that produces user-centered products. Good design is much more than pretty things, it is a beautiful conversation rooted in a deep understanding of the people you are creating solutions for.

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